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“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”         


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By Li 


We grow meaningful life experiences by enabling significant human connections.

We are a Montreal-based interaction design agency specialized in the creation of integrated experiences for events and artistic manifestations,

as well as meaningful and impactful narrative-based brand unfoldment.


We select only the best professionals to achieve projects, elevate partners and grow sustainable relationships with them.


The quest for meaningful impact is at the core of our actions on the world. Quality remaining a center point of our creations, constantly reaching for the highest standards. 


Our team tailors optimal encounters within events, or across interactive technologies, to drive groundbreaking projects and collaborations.  


Our background in cultural mediation, education, living arts and technology, nourished by sociology and psychology, had led us to specialize in human interactions, and our favorite is what we called O2O2O, offline to online to offline, where online intervention enriches our offline interactions.


We're aiming to nourish a world where professionals resonate with passionate, purposeful and persistent partnerships, fostering meaningful relationships that drives global progress.

By Li Logo.png
By Li Logo.png

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